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Common Spine Disorders and Modes Of Treatment  

Spinal disorders affect many people across the world. According to spine specialist NYC spine, related symptoms are responsible for low back pains. It can be challenging to diagnose spinal injuries, especially if at initial stages one does not seek spine specialist.

Symptoms of Spinal Disorders
Some of the common symptoms of spinal disorders include:

  • Back pain
  • Tingling sensation moving through legs
  • Visible spinal deformity
  • Difficulty moving lower and upper body parts

Many factors can cause spinal disorders. The most common ones are age, previous injury, physical fitness and genetics among many others.

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Common Spinal Conditions
Spinal Arthritis

With age, the wear and tear cause intervertebral discs to degenerate. The discs are responsible for cushioning spinal cord facilitating pain-free movement of the body. Upon degenerating, the discs not only lose water but also become thin. They can no longer protect the spinal cord making the bones rub each other during movements. Eventually, the grating causes the bones to stiffen resulting in pain especially in the morning.

In the long run, bone spurs begin developing as the vertebrae adjust to repair any damage caused by spinal arthritis. The growths add salt to the injury making the condition worse.
Ruptured Discs
Injuries can cause rupturing of the invertebrate discs. The injury can be small causing back pains before exploding if not managed early. Some of the causes of rapturing include:

  • Sudden spinal loads from falls, lousy lifting, and traumas.
  • Microtraumas caused by repetitive spinal motions over time.
  • Natural disc degeneration
  • Predispositions due to genetics

Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a disorder that has been attributed to the narrowing of the nerve passageways. It can also be caused by the tightening of the spinal canal. Some of the causes of stenosis include tumors, fractures, and bone spurs.
A sudden stretch or flex of the neck can cause whiplash. The swift movement puts a lot of stress on the neck muscles. The pressure can even extend to the ligaments and tendons causing spinal pain and fracture.
Scoliosis is a term used in describing an abnormal spinal column curvature. The real causes of scoliosis remain unknown but are attributed to muscle spasms. Spine specialist NYC recommend that the condition is managed at an early stage before it gets out of hand.
Treatment Methods for Spinal Disorders 
Spinal treatment and care have developed with the advancement of technology and research. Modes of treatment can be broadly categorized into three, namely:

  • Pain relief medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Exercise and physical therapy

If conservative methods mentioned above don’t resolve the disorder, surgical procedures may be required. Spine specialist NYCemploys cutting-edge technology in the management of spine dysfunctions. Regardless of what your spine is suffering from, you need to see a specialist as soon as possible.