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Diversify Your Present to Ensure Your Future with Our Small Business Franchise

In the world of construction, the economy can wreak havoc on your business. You may feel like you are always moving from finishing one job to trying find another one to start. By taking advantage of our small business franchise opportunity, you are taking part in a unique opportunity to join the profitable, recession-resistant insurance restoration industry.

We are a full-service company that provides commercial and residential customers with water, fire, and environmental losses not only emergency mitigation but also with full reconstruction services. This means that they don’t have to seek out other contractors and try to work with more than one company. We provide a seamless and time- and cost-efficient transition for our customers.

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The insurance restoration industry is small but profitable. It is a niche industry that is mostly recession-proof. Accidents and natural disasters will continue to happen, no matter the state of the economy, and people will want to restore their homes and businesses to pre-event status as soon as possible. It services home and commercial property owners of all demographics. Our franchise territories have at least 280,000 people, and they go as high as one million. So the competition from similar companies in territories that large may seem stiff, but we stand apart.

First, because we are a full-service company, our true competitors significantly dwindle after first glance. Also, we are focused on unparalleled quality and exacting industry standards. We are proud of the work that we do. Finally, we are a company concentrated on excellent customer service. We strive to ensure that each customer is satisfied.

Our small business franchise has an average gross profit margin of 43.48 percent, and the average contracts were invoiced at about $1.47 million. The total investment necessary is between $163,000 and $332,000 in a multi-billion dollar industry. We offer territories available nationwide, and owe offer multi-unit development agreements if you’re a qualified franchise owner with infrastructure.

So the possibilities are numerous to create a strong profit for your franchise. Take advantage of our industry knowledge and experience, and our strong small business franchise support to get started creating a profitable company today. You will be making a positive difference in your customers’ lives, diversifying your business by adding services to your current offerings if you’re a general contractor already, and you can be simply earning more money. We stand behind our franchise owners by providing great training, operations systems, and help in whatever way they need.