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Planet Expres- Taking Care of Your Product Delivery Needs

Online shopping has surely taken the experience of shopping to the whole new level. You get to review, compare and buy various kinds of products. But, if the online retailer is not providing shipping services in your country, online shopping can really pose some difficulty, especially if the product you are wishing to buy is available exclusively with any particular retailer. Planet Express is there to help such shoppers who want to shop with the online retailer of the United States of America (USA).

We, Planet Express, are a USA based company, helping people shop in the USA through online platforms and have the products delivered to them anywhere in the world. Due to the various shipment options available with us, you get to choose the shipment method of your products at affordable pricings. You can use our online calculator to determine the shipment rates.

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If you are shopping for multiple products, you have the luxury of choosing our products consolidation service. You just need to have all your good or products delivered to us. We check the products to make sure that they are all in good shape. Then, the different packages are converted into one single package. It not only makes the handling easy but also reduces the overall cost by more than 50% by removing the extra packaging material and empty space.

You can also request for the photo of your goods to make sure that the retailer has delivered the same products that you had ordered for. You can also request for additional security tap and bubble wrap to ensure extra safety. To ensure the timely arrival of your products, you can track the shipment using the tracking number provided to you by us. You can always contact us for fast, easy, transparent and reliable shipment of your products.

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