Sanatana Dharma – Eternal Law

Sanatana Dharma also called Sanaatan Dharma is really a sanskrit term meaning “eternal law,” “eternal religion” or “the eternal constant occupation from the soul in the regards to the final Being.” Thus one that follows the concepts of Sanatana Dharma is brought to a pure condition of awareness of the unified relationship using the Source. Many result in the mistake of equating Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma because the same concept which is not always true.

First, you have to realize that the word “Hindu” or “Hinduism” is not a Sanskrit title. It is not found most of the Vedic literature. The word “hindu” does not appear to look until around 325 B.C. One account claims that Alexander the truly amazing upon entering the region now referred to as India first started calling the Sindhu River simply because the Indus removing the “S” allegedly since it was simpler for Greeks to pronounce. His Macedonian armies after that known as the land east from the Indus as India which grew to become standard throughout the British regime.

Later as Muslim intruders found the region they started calling it “Hindu” and also the occupants from the area as Hindus. This really is allegedly since the Sanskrit seem of “S” converts to “H” within the Parsee language. Eventually the Indians started to adapt to those standards and used what they are called Hindu and Hindustan. Evidently this brought to greater confusion once the word seemed to be accustomed to find out the religion from the occupants which grew to become “Hinduism.” This grew to become a tem of convenience for that British to recognize the Muslims in the region in the Hindus in the region. It’s stated this also offered the double advantage of maintaining your Muslims and Hindus at odds and for that reason permitting for ongoing British charge of the region through way of “divide and rule.”

Thus individuals that condition “Hinduism” may be the earliest religion might be correct but it’s a bit of a misnomer too. What they’re really trying to share would be that the “spiritual practices” based on the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Puranas would be the earliest religious systems known. This might be the nearest synonym to Santana Dharma however the “eternal law” goes beyond the Vedas for just before the Vedas being written lower the laws and regulations from the relationship between soul and Spirit were ever present.

Sanatana Dharma signifies this “Universal Truth” that of creation even lower towards the atom is basically a conscious projection from the Creator and it is ultimately determined to merge back purposely in to the Supreme Spirit. It’s stated that at first of creation the soul is definitely an eternal facet of Spirit. The very best example might be those of the connection between your sun and also the sun-ray. As lengthy because the sun stands out, the sun’s rays-ray is definitely an intrinsic some of it and offers all of the characteristics of their source. The further the sun’s rays ray travels from the source the “less potent” it might be. Since the Source understands this characteristic, It can make for the way for your sun ray to continually go back to the True Essence – this really is Sanatana Dharma! Therefore, Sanatana Dharma does not fit in with anyone religion. It’s a universal path used by everybody, in almost any place in the world, in almost any amount of time in background and in almost any religion.

Becoming an eternal spiritual truth, Sanatana Dharma is beyond in history and worldly designations. All religions may appear and disappear but Sanatana Dharma or even the concepts of Sanatana Dharma shall forever remain. Thus every spiritual expression of Truth that has ever walked the face area of the world has trained the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. They never found begin a religion in order to preach a brand new truth. Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed or other saint understood the eternal character of Spirit. It is just through their varied individual expressions of that one Truth that brought towards the great shape of faith for example Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

Sanatana Dharma isn’t a guy-made religion but instead how God brings everything into manifestation and just how every soul, each a “prodigal boy” can return and merge back to Source. It’s stated Sanatana Dharma is not a thought by itself but much more the “fruit” of thought. It shows people how you can achieve on their own the Greatest Truth which might frequently manifest Itself as Infinite Love, Peace, Light, Seem, Bliss and so on. St. Paul referred to it as being “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” Yogis describe it as being Samadhi – “spiritual ecstacy!” Buddha known as it “Nirvana” – the right condition to be free of all suffering. And St. Teresa of Avila referred to it as being “the formless Christ.”

It is just when people who haven’t experienced the condition of Oneness that individuals become at odds over semantics. When we were to describe fire we’d get a variety of solutions. Some might say its red-colored, orange or yellow… unless of course obviously it’s whitened hot just like a burning star. When you get too close you might say it’s hot unless of course obviously it’s cold outdoors you might say its warm. When you get burned because of it you might express it is painful but when it allows you to call at your way then you’ll express it is benevolent. Fire continues to be fire it simply is dependent upon your experience with it as well as your own mental awareness. In either case test is always restricting in trying to define an “experience” or “condition to be.Inch

Sanatana Dharma stresses the requirement for inner, direct breaking of the bread. The Vedas make reference to this condition as Kavailya meaning complete soul-liberation and eternal union with God. Jesus referred to it as being “the dominion of God inside you!Inch Thus, Sanantana Dharma itself is identical everywhere inside the produced world. It concerns the road which all manifested creatures will need to take who would like eventual reunion using their Divine Source. In reality, there’s only Spirit in fact. All things in creation is really a mere transitory appearance from the Changeless Spirit.

Sri Ramahkrishna referred to Sanatana Dharma while using imagery of sweetness to describe the Eternal Truth. He states honey, sugar, chocolate, sweetmeats and candies may all vary healthy however they retain the same essence in character – sweetness! Similarly, all religions, religious practices, traditions, hopes, yoga and spirituality all capture some component of Sanatana Dharma to greater or lesser levels… this is actually the Eternal Truth! Only the one who goes beyond all relativities and dualities and evaluations will uncover the indescribable condition of Absoluteness.