Small Company Tax Breaks – “F” is perfect for FICA, FUTA & FIDO

Should you possess a small company and therefore are searching for breaks, don’t lose out on these. The very first two you’ve most likely learned about try not to really understand (so far). The 3rd you can appear far-fetched (pardon the pun) but is legitimate when the conditions referred to below match your situation.

1. FICA.

This acronym means Federal Insurance Contributions Act, that is legal-eze for that employer’s share of social security and Medicare insurance tax. In 2008, all employees be forced to pay 6.2% of the first $102,000 in compensation (wages, salary, bonuses, etc) to the us government for social security tax. In ’09, they’ll spend the money for same percentage towards the first $106,800. This 6.2% is subtracted in the employee’s gross wage, so as the gross wage is definitely an employer expense, the social security deduction isn’t.

Medicare insurance works somewhat in a different way for the reason that the tax rates are only one.45%, but there’s no limit to the quantity of compensation susceptible to the tax.

However the employer is obligated to complement both employee’s social security and Medicare insurance withholding amounts, which is a deduction for that employer since it does not emerge from the employee’s salary. Rather, it comes down away from the employer’s pocket.

So don’t miss this expense. It’s quite common for small company proprietors to subtract the wages but forget to subtract the associated payroll taxes.


This means the government Unemployment Tax Act. It signifies the government unemployment tax that companies be forced to pay from their own pocket. Unhealthy news (for that employer) is the fact that unlike FICA, employees lead absolutely nothing to this tax. The good thing is that for many companies, FUTA eventually ends up as being a much more compact expense than FICA. It always comes down to .8% from the first $7,000 in wages or salary compensated to every worker every year, or no more than $56/year. For part-time employees who bring home under $7,000, you finish up having to pay less. Try not to overlook that one. If this involves taxes, every little deduction helps. Or even a “small” business might have 50 or even more employees, and when all of them has a minimum of $7,000 in annual wages, you are searching in a deduction of $2,800. To have an employer with 100 employees, your federal unemployment tax could exceed $5,000.


Fido may be the title of the dog. What’s that got related to small company tax breaks? Well, is not it possible that you’ve a dog that endures the premises of the business? And may it not be also entirely possible that this dog isn’t your dog, but instead a watchdog for that business? If that is the situation, then the price of feeding and looking after your dog is really a genuine, and for that reason deductible, business expense.