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The Danger of Barnet Crossbows

It’s been known for a long time that Barnett Crossbows are extremely dangerous and can cause serious crossbow thumb injuries to users. Of course, Barnett Outdoors, LLC is well known for producing crossbows that many hunters buy and use. However, just one single moment of unguarded shooting with one of the dangerous models can mean the need for an amputated thumb.

Dangerous Crossbows Are Still Available and Causing Crossbow Thumb Injuries

Right now, there are more than 70 lawsuits that have been filed (and likely a dozen that have not yet been filed) against Barnett and concerning crossbow thumb injuries. These cases are all in circuit civil and federal courts throughout the United States.

It is honestly difficult to understand how Barnett crossbow’s are still being sold at stores like eBay and Amazon. Not only does Barnett Outdoors, LLC deny liability for the numerous injuries that have occurred to hunters and others, but they will also not be recalling their older crossbow models that have the problem any time soon.

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All That’s Needed Is a Thumb Guard

Essentially, there is a key flaw in the design of several Barnett crossbow models, including the Ghost 400 and the Jackal. Not only is there extra weight (too much weight) in the front of the crossbow, but there is also a lack of thumb guard. The extra weight usually means that the user of these crossbow models places their thumb in the path of bowstring. They do this to keep the bow more level. However, the consequences are terrible. The bowstring moves extremely fast when triggered. It can go at 370 feet per second. Naturally, when a finger like a thumb is in its path, the bowstring will slice right throw — or at least cause severe damage.

Truly, these older crossbow models only need a thumb guard to make them safer for users and reduce crossbow thumb injuries. However, Barnett refuses to implement these simple thumb guards. This is despite the fact that thumb guards are simple pieces of plastic that are actually quite inexpensive.

Without these thumb guards, many hunters and other users have permanently lost their thumbs or suffered severe impairment of their digits. Nerves and tendons have been ripped, bones have been fractured, and thumbs have had to be entirely amputated.

It’s confusing as to what Barnett Outdoors LLC and its affiliates Wildgame Innovations, LLC and Synergy Outdoors, LLC are thinking by denying liability of these serious injuries. With over 70 legitimate lawsuits pending in U.S. courts, it’s hard to understand how this company would assume that they are not liable. After all, the same or similar injuries have been occurring to these patrons of their company for a long period of time.

Have you been injured by a Barnett crossbow? If so, you may deserve compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. Contact a lawyer today.